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Netizen 24 IDN: Global ambition of Yiwu – the world capital of small commodities

Global ambition of Yiwu â€" the world capital of small commodities Global ambition of Yiwu â€" the world capital of small commodit...

Global ambition of Yiwu â€" the world capital of small commodities

Global ambition of Yiwu â€" the world capital of small commodities 2 hours ago | 281 Views In October, Yiwu will invite global buyers to witness Made-in-China opportunities
YIWU, China--(Antara/BUSINESS WIRE)-- With just a few decades, Yiwu has grown from a nameless Eastern China county to a rich e-commerce city that is dubbed as the world capital of small commodities. With solid infrastructure investment and advanced business operation, Yiwu is becoming a warehouse for world small commodities consumers.
Cargo trains along the New Silk Road
Since November 2014, China has launched 9 railway routes, one after another, connecting Yiwu and those cities along the New Silk Road, including Madrid, Tehran, Chelyabinsk, Mazar-e Sharif, Riga, Minsk, London and Prague. As a result, Yiwu’s export to the Belt and Road c ountries last year increased by 4.86% to 17.95 billion dollars, accounting for 51.78% of the city’s total export.
The warehouse for “One Belt, One Road” countries
With a 1.5-billion-dollar “One Belt, One Road” infrastructure investment fund, Yiwu aims to accelerate a series of construction projects, including Railway Logistics Center, Road Transport Center, Domestic Logistics Center, Road Harbor Logistics Center, Cross-Border Logistics Monitoring Center, and Railway Traffic Hub. Besides, Yiwu will also build a free trade zone for small commodities to boost export.
E-commerce scale continues to expand
As China’s most active e-commerce city, Yiwu’s e-commerce trade reached 26.49 billion dollars in 2016 and became China’s only approved city to build an e-commerce model city. Now, the city has 255,000 online shops and the package delivery volume accounts for one third of the nation’s total. In Yiwu’s various markets that total 6.4 million square meter s, over 2.1 million different small commodities are being sold. It has remained the top trader among all Chinese cities for 26 years straight.
China Yiwu International Commodities Fair (Yiwu Fair), as China’s leading export fair, has been held for 22 years. On October 21-25, 2017 at Yiwu International Expo Center, the 23rd edition will kick off a new round of small commodities feast for global buyers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, import-export agencies, and e-businessmen, with 14 exhibition categories, namely Hardware, Electromechanical Facilities, Electronic & Electrical Appliances, Intelligent Life Style, Daily Necessities, Crafts, Stationery, Sporting Goods and Outdoor Leisure Products, Clothing and Shoes, Knitwear, Ornament and Accessories, Toys, Pet Products, and Auto Accessories.
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