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Netizen 24 IDN: President announces national action to eradicate illegal drugs

President announces national action to eradicate illegal drugs President announces national action to eradicate illegal drugs just now ...

President announces national action to eradicate illegal drugs

President announces national action to eradicate illegal drugs just now | 0 Views President announces national action to eradicate illegal drugsPresident Joko Widodo announces a nationwide campaign to eradicate illegal drugs and drug abuse.(ANTARA/Rosa Panggabean) () Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has launched a nationwide campaign to eradicate illegal drugs and drug abuse at the Graha Wisata Cibubur Camping Site, East Jakarta, on Tuesday.
President Jokowi arrived at the Graha Wisata Cibubur Camping Site at around 8:50 a.m. Western Indonesia Standard Time.
In his speech, President Jokowi called on all parties to come forward and offer protect ion to the nation and people of Indonesia.
He specifically urged the head of the National Polices (Polris) Criminal and Investigation Department to provide information on steps taken to combat the illegal use of drugs.
"Imparting education is very important. Hence, schools, boarding schools, and teachers play an important role in explaining to the students, our students, how dangerous illegal drugs are," the president noted.
The president also called the key members of Slank Band to appear on stage as the communitys representatives who have demonstrated high commitment to combating illegal drug abuse.
Jokowi then urged to tighten supervision on the illegal circulation of drugs.
"We have to respond to this swiftly, and I also warn that no one should try to hinder the food and drug control process by offering bribes. Such practices must end to prevent people from falling victim to illegal drugs. Now is the time for us to take responsibility to protec t all Indonesian people," he noted.
While elaborating on a report, Head of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) Penny K. Lukito said that in order to follow up on Presidential Instruction No. 3 of 2017 on Improving Effectiveness of Food and Drug Control involving cross-sectoral agencies in accordance with their main tasks, functions, and authority, the BPOM continues to strengthen coordination to protect the public from illegal drugs and drug trafficking.
It also includes the abuse of certain drugs by people and is dangerous to health and can even cause death.
"In future, we expect to immediately enforce the food and drug control laws that can serve as a legal umbrella, so that we are stronger to protect the community," he noted.
At the same time, 11 parties -- the Ministry of Health, BPOM, Coordination Ministry for Human and Culture Development, Home Affairs Ministry, Polri, Attorney General, Indonesian Doctors Association, Indonesian Pharmacis t Association, Association of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs, and one of the high school students of Jakarta 1, as well as the Slank Band -- also signed a joint action on eradication of illegal drugs and drug abuse.
It is recorded that the abuse of drugs in Indonesia is increasingly becoming a trend among teenagers and members of the productive age group due to their powerful effects.
Most of these are prescription drugs, such as carisoprodol, tramadol, haloperidol, trihexifeni, and others, that affect the central nervous system.
The use of higher doses will cause dependence and distinctive changes in mental activity and behavior, such as the symptoms of narcotic abuse and psychotropic substances.
Over the past few years, there has been an alarming increase in the number of cases of carisoprodol abuse bearing the trademark Carnophen in several provinces in Indonesia.
Most cases of Carnophen abuse occur in some areas of South Kalimantan, where the use of drugs in t his region has shifted from shabu, putaw, ecstasy, marijuana, valium, and methadone to Carnophen tablets.
The circulation of carnophen, or commonly known as "Zenit" or "Jin" pill, in South Kalimantan is a matter of grave concern, as is evident from the number of cases recorded annually.
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