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Netizen 24 IDN: Muhammadiyah raises funds for Rohingyas

Muhammadiyah raises funds for Rohingyas Muhammadiyah raises funds for Rohingyas 6 minutes ago | 50 Views ...

Muhammadiyah raises funds for Rohingyas

Muhammadiyah raises funds for Rohingyas 6 minutes ago | 50 Views Semarang, C. Java (ANTARA News) - The agency for collecting Islamic alms from Islamic organization Muhammadiyah (Lazismu) has raised approximately Rp20 billion (about US$1.4 million) to offer humanitarian assistance to Rohingyas.
President Director of Lazismu Andar Nubowo had stated here on Friday that the funds, collected within a month, were part of the Muhammadiyah Aid Program for humanitarian actions for Rohingya refugees.
The humanitarian fund will be channeled to dispatch medical personnel to assist the Rohingya people in Coxs Bazar District, Bangladesh.
"There are some 800 thousand Rohingya refugees there," Nubowo noted, adding that the fund-raising effort to help Rohingyas will continue to be undertaken.
"Not only raising funds but Muhammadiyah also directly goes on the field and helps the refugees," he said.
Meanwhile, Program Manager of Muhammadiyah Aid for Rohingya humanitarian action Corona Rintawan said the program is the biggest humanitarian act ever carried out by Muhammadiyah.
"We had once offered humanitarian assistance in Gaza, the Philippines, and Nepal, but this time, Muhammadiyah has sent a larger number of health teams than before," Rintawan said.
Rintawan added that Muhammadiyah had sent 23 medical personnel to help the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Approximately 174 thousand refugees need medical aid every week, including toddlers.
Rintawan highlighted the main issue of refugees reeling from several health-related ailments.
"We provide primary health care, simple wound care, as well as antibiotics and oral rehydration therapy to every child to prevent dehydration," Rintawan explained.(*)
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Source: Antaranews

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